Our vision: reform is everyone’s business

Second Republic is a non-partisan civic group campaigning for political reform in Ireland. Founded in 2010, we believe that reform should not be decided by politicians or expert groups alone. It needs to be citizen led.

We campaign for processes and engage in initiatives that empower everyday citizens to take ownership over reform – but we do not determine the outcomes of those processes and initiatives. What we want to see is not only the re-founding of the state but also processes whereby the decisions around the re-founding of the state will be citizen led and representative of us all.

Since 2010, we have campaigned for the establishment of what became the Constitutional Convention. Similar citizen-led processes of reform were held in Iceland, following the financial crisis there. Australia, Canada and the Netherlands have also used processes like this to decide on political reforms.

We also engage in campaigns and take part in initiatives and events that empower citizens, increase transparency of government and bring the diaspora closer to the republic. These include challenging and inspiring people to imagine a new Ireland, engaging with people and public representatives and highlighting the need for reform.

Join us and re-found the republic

Just like the reforms we want to see, Second Republic is a citizen-led organisation.

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