What is the Culture of the Second Republic

Second Republic is hosting an event on the 21st of September in Dublin. The event is a facilitated workshop asking what would be the culture of a “Second Republic” in Ireland focused on generating practical outputs for participants.

About 100 people drawn from a mix of invitees and the general public will take part – but there will be no top table and no distinction made between invitees and the general public.

If you’ve been hanging at the sidelines wondering, this is the event for you. Now is the time to get involved!

Event: “What is the culture of the Second Republic?”
Venue: O’Callaghan Mont Clare Hotel, 4 Merrion Street Lower, Dublin
Date: 10:00—17:00, 21st September, 2013

Interest in the event has been very positive and so register now at:



10:00—11:00: Welcome and registration
11:00—11:45: Introduction
11:45—13:30: Workshops 1
14:15—16:00: Workshops 2
16:00—17:00: Bringing it all together. Action planning.


The following draft themes have been identified. It will also be possible for participants to offer themes on the day.

Why should we stay? Why not just emigrate?
10 Rules to being a Citizen of the Second Republic
Bill of rights. Bill of responsibilities
The relationship between citizen and state
Developing civic/activist networks
Anger, Apathy and the Second Republic
Ireland and the Wider World
Reform agenda: A road map for political reform
Reform agenda: Seanad
Reform agenda: Direct democracy


“So what? Now what?”, that will be the question asked from each workshop.

The focus will be on a sense of moving out from a place of victimhood (personified by the troika) to a place of empowerment (symbolised by the “Second Republic”).

We will concentrate on what we can do within (or with) Ireland’s unique culture. What can we harness from our unique way of doing things? In particular, the workshops will be focused on generating ideas that participants can develop afterwards in their own lives and communities.


The focus of each workshop will be on generating practical outputs for participants.

Small groups will explore individual topics. There will be a convener for each group, which we will have to identify. They will need to have done homework and have material prepared (as needed) in advance. As a principle, where work has been done elsewhere, we will not start from scratch. For example, we will draw in outputs from other discussion and meetings (e.g. Claiming our Future, the Political Reform Score Card, etc.).

It will be possible for participants to move between different groups, should they wish (except for the convener).

What then?

The action planning session will focus on generating a priority list of outcomes. This will not be just a long list of good ideas. It will be relatively small list that people can be inspired by and put into action.


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