Citizen-initiated referendums

One of the three pillar reforms of our campaign is for the introduction of citizen-initiated referendums to the Constitution of Ireland. This reform would allow citizens to call a referendum on any matter after collecting a sufficient number of signatures.

Citizen-initiated referendums, subject to certain safeguards, as a recommendation of the Constitutional Convention. This recommendation, along with virtually everything else in the fourth report of the Convention, was rejected by the Government on 18 December 2014.

Between 1922 and 1929, the Constitution of the Irish Free State contained provision for citizen-initiated referendums.

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Second Republic’s campaign on citizen initiatives is currently in the awareness raising phase. See some articles we published in the issue are here:

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video Overview

The following video, showing a presentation to the European Parliament by the Swiss politician, Dr Andreas Gross, gives an excellent overview of citizen-initiated referendums.

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